Camden Board of Education Policy Manual

The Camden County Board of Education is currently in the process of a full review and revision of its policy manual.  During this review and revision process, the Board will revise many of the existing policies, new policies will be added, and the references assigned to particular policy topics will change.   In addition, be aware that the new policies may contain cross references to policies that have not yet been reviewed.   If you are looking for a particular policy or regulation, first check the new version of the online Camden County Board of Education Policy Manual located at:

 If you cannot find the policy or regulation in the new version of the policy manual, please refer to the old version which is listed here.  In the event of a conflict between information contained in a policy listed here and a policy located in the new version, the newly adopted policy will take precedence. 

If you have additional questions regarding a particular policy or regulation or would like to check the status of a policy or regulation, please contact Superintendent Joe Ferrell, Ed.D. by email at or by phone at (252) 335-0831.



Chapter A: Governing Principles

Chapter B: Board Operations

Board Operations

Board Members


Policy Making



Board Consultants and Liaisons

Chapter C: Educational Program

Curriculum Development

Instructional Materials

Time for Learning

Student Performance


Special Curriculum Objectives

Extra-curricular Functions

Chapter D:  Students

Admission and Assignment


Student Behavior


Student Fees

Student Records

Chapter E:  Community Relations

Relationships with Parents and the Community

Involvement with Outside Organizations

Chapter F:  Support Services

Student Health Services

Student Food Services

Student Transportation Services

Equipment, Materials and Supplies

Custodial Services

Student Information Services

Chapter G:  Personnel

Recruitment and Selection

Work Environment

Test Results

Hearings and Grievances

Specific Employment Relationships

Benefits and Compensation

Personnel Administration

Development and Evaluation


Chapter H:  Fiscal Management

Revenue Sources


Chapter I:  Facilities

The Contracting Process

Care and Maintenance